Never- Will not happen. Mind- Pay attention to

I truly worry where we are today. Literally , anarchy and mayhem dominate our news cycle. We continue to plea with the ideology that the NRA has infected the mindset of the common man- much like the numerous cult leaders we have condemned. Yet, the NRA and its cult followers are allowed to rewrite the constitution.

I wish we could return to civil discussion to resolve our differences. I dont want to make someone to change their beliefs, just to agree we need change the wrongs we have done by NEVER MINDING.

This is not working. Parents and children like you and Jean should never have to make that a daily ritual. It is cruel and insane to just NEVER MIND.

And for those three Legislators, shame on you for not having a spine to have the courage to stand up to Goliath. I don't live in North Carolina- I hope you all deliver a message at the ballot box.

We CAN'T just NEVER MIND that we are likely to wake up " tomorrow" and relive another senseless loss to gun violence.

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Oh Tift, my heart goes out to you. Watching this from across the Atlantic, here in “gun free” England, my mind boggles at another tragedy in an American school. I just can’t get my head around the obsessive gun culture that exists amongst some US citizens. It seems to make life extremely unsafe for the rest of the population by their insistence on their right to keep and bear arms, trumping all other reasonable considerations. I really hope new laws for gun control, especially to ban the horrendous assault rifles and weapons of war, can be passed. What civilised nation would not want those.

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This is one more tragedy in the common sense of gun control. There should be NO: AK47’s available to the general public, no sale of any weapon to anyone under 18, no sale of any firearm at gun shows and a 7 day waiting period for EVERY FIREARM PURCHASED REGARDLESS OF AGE. You or any parent should not have to feel like you did just dropping you daughter off at her school. At 79, all my children and stepchildren are done but still have 2 grandchildren in HS and 4 in college. The whole “gun culture” is completely out of control!

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Very powerful...very sad.

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This country. Hard to understand how we've gotten here. I'm glad you've found MOMS, Tift. I have been actively involved for a year now and have found some solace - at the very least - in being in touch with folks who are speaking out and causing good trouble in such an upside down world.

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