Yes, with a 14 yr old daughter here and 5yrs into violin. Practice is never wanted (piano is only slightly more agreeable). Hit today she scored high on her theory exam and she is proud. So are we. You’re doing well Tift-keep doing what you’re doing.

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My children are way past the “violin lesson” but it does take me back years to the trumpet and piano practice of my two oldest.

Katie and I watched “Empire of Light” last night and there was a song played that sounded like you but checking the credits the only credited one was a Bob Dylan song. Are you aware of a song, sung by you on guitar used in that movie?

I’ve played your music a lot and saw you in Wilmington about 13 years ago. I was trying to find my phone to ask about the song but wasn’t quick enough.

Jean sounds like a hoot! As an artist and observer of life, it’s wonderful to write all these little stories down. Time goes so quickly by and you both will treasure them all your lives.

Kindest regards

Jim Freeman

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